Free diving, second for September 2013

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Free diving, second for September 2013

Post  Admin on 1st October 2013, 9:04 am

A beautiful day for the ocean in near every way.

Site 1,not bad but not much time taken there.

Site 2,not great so moved on.
That shore break, holly ----!

Little pipeline out off here was good though.

Site 3, water was milky with only 5 meters vis,so moved on.

site 4, spot on and stayed for two hours, perfection at this one!
Waters were 2 to 12 feet in depth with 6ish meters vis and this area has waters 3 to 4 degrees warmer in these condition's so it was at least 23c.

Nice vis

blue ring seen

blue ring testing what I am.

some coralline capensis pics

hundreds of tube worms around.

as usual,there is always at least one turtle where ever we go.

coral pics,they are finaly rerurning to ths spot








crays in the thousands

lawn mowers

this one liked my knife?


nudis being rude

a close up of that

one of the very pretty ones

pink algae

fire algae

flat head

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