Free dive, third one for September.

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Free dive, third one for September.

Post  Admin on 1st October 2013, 9:07 am

For this collecting trip we had miserable weather including light rain and a few thunderstorms were also about.

We left early for this one.

The strong winds leading up to this day has made a bit of swell and with the amount of sediment produced by development these days, the spot we were at will have low vis.
The day left us near no choice on where to go as tomorrow will be even worse!
By 8.30 am we were in with less then one metre vis and around 21c temps as we swam through what could be called soup.
Over all it was good fun and we found a lot of inverts and a few fish to make the trip worth while, as usual!
This is the swell that would have been better with out any at all.

A welcoming face of many for us collectors.
No one wanted any of these very pretty little guys.

A few of the many tube worm colours seen.

This area was completely wiped out in the rains of 2011 and I mean completely!
From first finding this spot of what was always the most concentrated coral-invert area in South East Queensland back in 78, it has been hit by many cyclones and intense low depressions soaking the coasts over all these years, this was the first time that I had seen this spot seriously harmed in any way by the weather.
These are just a few of the corals making a come back.

Good to see the feather sea stars in abundance again.

A couple of species of the millions of nudibranch-flat worms seen.

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Re: Free dive, third one for September.

Post  pyrofish on 1st November 2013, 12:40 pm

the blue fish at the start of these photos, do you know the name and what are they like to keep. Are they safe in a reef tank? I have seen one of these living locally in an old cunjevoi (forgive my spelling).


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