Collecting boat trip, first for October 2013

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Collecting boat trip, first for October 2013

Post  Admin on 31st October 2013, 9:43 am

Two boats went out for this trip.
The vis was just 6 to 8 meters for this trip but we had smooth waters and a very calm bar to cross.
This how rough the open ocean was for both boats on the day.

Lots of coral spawn and general plankton due to the south to north current.

Vis was okay.

Heaps of fish feeding on planktonic life.

Tube worm cluster out.

Same cluster retracted.

xmas tree worms.

Tube worms in purple morphs.

Single tube worm of thousands seen.

A local Melanopus-tomatoe clown.

A large stone fish.

A lot of thor shrimps seen.

One thor collected.

Some nice red algae seen and collected.

A young lat hosting in soft coral.

Hundreds of latz this day were seen.

A common nudi

A few large pineapple fish seen.

Plenty of rays for their mating time of year.

A young latezonatus and akindynos.  

Two akindynos wanting the one anemone tucked away in this little cave.

A small plate of many seen.

A large plate coral of many seen.

One of the prettier feather sea stars common in our area.

A very common variation of colonising anemones.

A nice coloured local acan.

A lot of clown wrasse came in the plankton last year for this season.

One of hundreds of biscuit sea stars seen.

Time to head home, this is as we crossed the near non-existent bar.

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