Scuba and free dives boat trip, third for October.

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Scuba and free dives boat trip, third for October.

Post  Admin on 31st October 2013, 9:46 am

Just four of us went out for this one and over all had very good conditions.
Vis was at one site 6 feet but most sites were 6 to 20 metres.
Vert warm water already this year.

Open ocean conditions.

A lot of birds coming up to the boat.

The best vis.

Always a turtle somewhere.

Pulsing xenia

Yellow tube worms

A single coral polyp.

An 8 kilo cod for diner.

A common nudi.

One of many biscuit sea stars seen.

Blue brittle sea star

Small unusual anemone

A nicely paterned anemone’

One of millions of acans.

A quite pretty algae.

A common akindynos

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