Free dive, fourth for October 2013

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Free dive, fourth for October 2013

Post  Admin on 31st October 2013, 9:48 am

A near perfect shore free dive this day.
We had warm waters,15 feet vis and just enough life to make it interesting.
A semi of around 3 inches was seen but it was not overly wanted so its there for next time, maybe.

Corn flake weed.
This temperate algae burns off and goes sexual at 23c to 24c, what a mess that is when it happens.

A nice local algae, some went home with us.

An unusual calcium tubed worm.

A very common thread fin.

One of hundreds of convict tangs seen.

An equally common vagabond.

A cute juvenile tiger flat head.

A swimming anemone at rest and feeding.

Off it goes.

That's to close.

A  3 millimetre tiny sea star.

An empty tiny red scallop.

Some clean up crew sea snails.

The more common feather stars making a come back after the earlier rains on this year wiping a lot of life out.

A dusky and goby.

Heaps of mullet.

A few desumeri.

Schooling juvenile white bait.

Goby and worm stand off.

Ocy not interested.

Ocy interested.

Ocy far to interested,lol.

One of many cleaner wrasse

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Re: Free dive, fourth for October 2013

Post  pyrofish on 1st November 2013, 12:05 pm

nice pictures again liquidg, hope to see you on the next trip or the next meeting


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Re: Free dive, fourth for October 2013

Post  liquidg on 1st November 2013, 12:25 pm

No worries mat, but Danny took some as well, he was just more interested in chasing down a little semi.

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Re: Free dive, fourth for October 2013

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