We nearly lost it all!

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We nearly lost it all! Empty We nearly lost it all!

Post  liquidg on 8th November 2013, 11:43 pm

Did any one see the right up in the newspaper some weeks back about the nuclear war that so very nearly happened?

This makes the missile crises in Cuba way back seem a slight disagreement.

A NATO war games exercise with America and Britain brought the world to the stage of one more button to push and we would have been plunged into a nuclear holocaust!

It seems in the states secret documents are declared not so secret after thirty years with them as they just recently released docs about the day in 1983 when the NATO war games seemed so real that the Russians launched!

The plains and subs carrying nukes were deployed and as far as they were concerned it was on, we were all about to suffer as no generation has before.
A major part of the world’s population was about to die or suffer horrific side affects as the worlds financial and communication systems would collapse around the ones left throwing all that we represented into complete and utter chaos.

Holly ----, are we as humans stupid or what?

It saddens some each and every day with the things I read about us, then an example of how unbelievably stupid some of us are turns that sadness into complete and utter amazement.
So many turn on each other in the belief of something that is not seen and a life after this one that has never been seen as well and allow this life to turn to s—t for others that follow in the mean time!
Here is yet another one, have you herd about the nut job pushing that she professes, “not through science”, that we can regrow limbs and this wack job has a following???

When will we ever learn!

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