Calcium carbonate content of caulerpa algae.

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Calcium carbonate content of caulerpa algae.

Post  liquidg on 10th November 2013, 11:13 am

The caulerpa that is pictured and I mainly use is a form of racemosa and it has pretty much the same content of calcium carbonate as with all other caulerpa that I have used.

Think about it, on one hand as a minor issue cal and all it needs to bind is being extracted from your waters for algae growth and then the main issue is some of you have this growing above a porus substrate or over porous live rock, the caulerpa doesn’t just come like this in the pics, tiny segments die and all algae sheds to grow and some portions are bitten off and this is going on all of the time.

Wherever you put algae you are adding a blocking substance that will seal up areas that needs a porus nature to remain functional.

Also when with in low PH environments like substrates and in live or base rock, precipitation can be quite intense along with orthophosphate ready to bind with something once again.

Freshly trimmed.

This was on my shed roof in the weather for nearly 4 months.

After that length of time its cal make up and more is still capable of holding up the weight of two twenty cent coins.

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