Lighting buy up from china.

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Lighting buy up from china.

Post  liquidg on 5th December 2013, 11:28 am

This is a thing we will be doing straight after xmas, so if you are interested get in touch.
This is a light a couple of us ordering from china for $179-US, including delivery.
The diodes are of your choice in any configuration of cree and or bridgelux with a choice of either 60 or 90 degree optics.
A couple of us are going with mainly blue and white of a few types with two green,two red,two cyan and the rest 50/50 mix of royal blue, standard blue, cool and warm white.

Two foot tubes for $16 delivery on top of that.

We will be getting the lights, but not the tubes from this company.
Have a look through and see if you want some thing else and not these exact lights.

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