December scuba and free dive photos in South east Queensland.

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December scuba and free dive photos in South east Queensland.

Post  liquidg on 8th December 2013, 12:46 pm


The bar

Arriving at one of three sites for the day.

Xmas tree worm photos.

Not overly common gold thistle coral.

A few standard tube worms.

Tube worm garden

A large tusk fish hard to get a pic of.

Some clown/amphiprions photos.

A moray eel pretending to be a cobra.

A large anemone hermit.

Some unusual urchin skeletons.

Purple morphs.

A few coral pics.

Tasty looking cray.

Rose bubble anemone.

Biscuit sea star.

A beautiful species of colonising anemones pics.

A weird anemone?

A beautiful capensis.

A common puffer fish.

Red rock cod.

A medium pineapple fish.

Some pics of a pair of harlequin pipe fish.

A large Meredithi some call a personifer, they are actually from western Aus, the Meredithi is from this side of Aus

A cuttlefish

Some lovely anemones to see as usual.

This is what our numbers related global warming is doing to our corals.
We lost approximately half of close in reefs sps corals.

Heading home

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