A big hello from Wishart.

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A big hello from Wishart. Empty A big hello from Wishart.

Post  marie on 12th December 2013, 7:48 am

Finally signed up and saying hello  Embarassed 
I was asked to do this and I would like to say many thanks for the diverse information on this forum and from all I have read you all seem to be friendly and helpful people.
I began my first reef aquarium as a nano, mostly from what I have read on here just shy of three months ago and so far, real good. Very Happy 
Thanks again and I will keep reading and if I get the courage, I will ask for help. sunny 


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A big hello from Wishart. Empty Re: A big hello from Wishart.

Post  finfan on 12th December 2013, 3:16 pm

Welcome marie

Ask away -plenty of helpful people here that are more than happy to share knowledge and experience



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