How collecting is policed and perceived.

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How collecting is policed and perceived. Empty How collecting is policed and perceived.

Post  liquidg on 13th December 2013, 11:17 pm

Firstly, never harm the marine habitat, if you move it or tip it over , put it back where it came from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do not trust the words of any one on laws associated with recreational collecting including any marine parks and fisheries officers on laws connected with recreational collecting.
Get it on paper via an email from them or from a current web page copied and kept on your person or in your car or boat to protect your self, there are far to many conflicting opinions and interpretations that put you legally at risk!

The policing of recreational collecting are generally carried out via, what apparatus and tools the commercial collectors can use to collect with and sizes of many species that can be collected that you as a recreational collector cannot.

This isn’t about protecting anything environmental at all; this is about putting the brakes on recreational collectors so the people that are licensed divers can put funding the government’s way via taxes.
This is from the sale of fish and inverts that are sold here in Australia to aquarium shops or exported over seas by commercial interests.

If the tiny amount of recreational collectors will stop trying to sell collected life or at least stop any knowledge or observations of these illegal actions from being noticed at all, then the law would appear to have near no justification to make things hard for recreational collectors to go about their sport and hobby.

Even though you are not breaking the law or the laws may be changed and you don't know it you have always adhered to these , never let any one see what you are doing with your collecting or your gear and catch, either from the shore a house or vehicle near by or from a boat or a drone from above, what ever!
Never tell any one at or near the site of collection what you are doing!

When carrying out recreational collecting there is a mentality with most people that may notice you are collecting.

1-First and foremost, most people have no idea of anything connected with the ocean, but most have opinions based on what they have herd or seen on television or something some idiot has put in the media or has told them, so basically they have no idea about it all, but feel they do.

The best example of this type of thing is the Chamberlain case relating to the dingo!
The media and the public made sure she was found guilty, yet they had no idea at all!
Dingoes have taken native Australian children before, so a child taken by a dingo is not unheard of, yet they were persecuted just because they were of a religion of sorts and they were a little unusual, this is what society is capable of, assumptions based on, who knows!

Because of this wide spread mentality it is important that you do not show anything related to your collecting at the site of collection, in any way!
Be as paranoid as possible to come up with ways to avoid detection of your legal activities, it matters not that you are not breaking the law, people need some one to blame for what ever !

2-Quite a few people, mostly males, will recent that you are in the ocean that some fear doing the something that you are doing that they would love to do but are afraid to do, or you look impressive with being in the ocean and his girl or mates see this, so they will resent you for disrupting their ego.

3-Many think that the rubbish they are fed about ocean environmental issues can be blamed on the likes of you and fisherman in general!
Near no one actually understands that the publics’ numbers and their lives are what are affecting the oceans and has nothing to do with what you are doing.

4- No one wants to think you are collecting nemo!

5- Reefers that are unable to collect for whatever reason, will resent you!

6- If you are collecting near any type of dwellings, these will house people with the mindset of, I own this place, you shouldn’t be here!

7- Any collection sites that are not green zones, are collected at by commercial collectors and they are covered by bi catch regulations giving huge leeway’s, so what you take from there will be collected any way, most people do not realise this and will blame you for what was there last week just before the commercial guys turned up and collected it and so its gone today when they see you, then you get the blame!

8- When you turn up at a site, you do not know what has transpired at that site the day or week before!
Try to imagine the worst has transpired from other collectors and treat the site that way!

9- Too fisheries or marine parks, you are usually a possible fine they can enforce to justify their jobs and expenditure.
10- Commercial enterprises that sell marine life will frown upon your activities as well due to you not buying it from them!

A lot more to come.

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