How to catch peppermint shrimps and what to look for!

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How to catch peppermint shrimps and what to look for! Empty How to catch peppermint shrimps and what to look for!

Post  Admin on 18th June 2009, 7:38 am

Firstly the most productive time for peppermint shrimps is when the water is below 20 degrees temp.
When these low temps are in play the boxer shrimp drop in numbers as their food supply of bacteria/algae is less abundant.
The boxer shrimp and the peps have territorial issues and during the warmer months the boxers are in plague proportions in most areas and retard the peps breeding.

When looking for peps in moreton bay for instance you need a tide of no greater than 0.32 and the wind from a southerly direction as any winds from the north fill the bay and create an over sized tide, it is better at 0.28 to 0.18, this will expose a lot of areas where the peps like to inhabit.

Peps do not wonder to any great degree, you have to lift rocks to find them! unless there is an abundance of dislodged algae around the rocks at low tide, the algae than kills the ph and the peps will come out for oxygen and lay on the algae more or less up against or very near the rock they were under, look for their red feelers.

The rocks to look for where peps live are the ones at the low tide half out of the water in trapped pools of water for when you turn the rock over they will remain attached to it and you than quickly pick them off by their feelers or hold your net near to them and they will fall into it as the under side of the rock is now out of the water where they are.

Than when you tip the rock (always replace what you have moved) back over quickly scoop the net where the rock was to catch stragglers and look at the rock closely to see if any have attached there as well.

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