Death rate of aquarium species

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Death rate of aquarium species Empty Death rate of aquarium species

Post  liquidg on 14th December 2013, 2:08 am

The death rate of roughly treated and mainly badly shipped or stored marine life can be high,(storage is the big killer of the fish) nitrate poisoning from a lack of water changes and continual adrenalin/cortisol from the stress of a new environment or a restricted environment, just like us, eventually weakens the immune system enabling parasites access to the flesh, damages organs and the fish dies as if it was drug caught, they are starved to death) these are the most common killers of all potential marine pets.

These are quite often the only choice you have from the shops, if you can’t catch it your self carefully and with all safety measures in place like ( amo lock and PH buffer and an air stone for the trip back).

With in the industry,we are talking about billions of marine creatures from wholesalers around the world with thousands of pro collectors supplying them form all the worlds oceans at any given time.

In Auz from government stats,99 percent of all marine aquarium species do not make it to adult hood from natural predation and than us, human interference,(collection) interferes with .02 percent of that .99, that’s from the barrier reef authority gov stats, when there was more collection than now in the early 2000s.
A few of us after the keeping of marines for 30 years, plus scuba and free diving for even longer, myself, I have herd every uneducated comment available.
The facts are, the freshwater run off kills billions of tones of life each year and with global warming from us on both sides of Auz,its getting really bad.

Each time there is a child born, we are adding to our population, there is the problem, human infestation.

For each form of environmental achievement to reduce pollution, there are more scientific advancements to keep more of us alive longer and breed more of us, one cancels out the other.

We as hobbyists, will make mistakes with our aquariums when changing them, have power outages, leave filters off, drop some thing toxic in the tank, a pump shorts out, a heater fails and the fish freeze, a chiller fails and all in the tank cook,etc,etc,as with all hobyists and loose some or the whole lot of our pets all in one go.

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