Why collect your own aquarium species?

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Why collect your own aquarium species? Empty Why collect your own aquarium species?

Post  liquidg on 14th December 2013, 2:11 am

The educational benefits from watching and understanding how they live in the wild, is invaluable.

To be able to access the fish and inverts we desire for our aquariums and have so many opportunities to study and watch how they carry out their lives and where is so informative in so many ways to benefit the hobby that it is extremely valuable for us to achieve very high successes.

We have observed coral areas near by and individual coral areas we mark and watch what and how water and weather conditions kill or affect them from certain climatic conditions and over certain time frames as well.

Fish species that are dispersed over certain areas as a result of certain currents through planktonic dispersal is extremely interesting.

Observing and sometimes placing different life forms in certain areas to see what does well with what in order to obtain information from how they do in our aquariums under all kinds of conditions and treatments.

The thing about the south east that goes unnoticed so often is that here we have temperate and tropical waters converging and the ways in which these different fish and inverts disperse, live and cope with that and the amount of variations in this one area of these creatures is totally remarkable and this one aspect of our area makes us so lucky to be amongst it all so very often.
The hardest part of peoples understanding of anything connected with collecting is what you don’t see doesn’t bother you and this is tru in most people.

The fish you buy at the fish and chips shop to eat, the fish market, all those have a pretty volatile death, but unless you see that or are a fishing person, you have no idea.
The ones the hobbyists buy in shops (very few marine fish are tank bred) these are collected by people (commercial collectors) some are very rough, some are very good to their catch, but you don’t see that either, we have seen it and worked amongst it and understand what’s good and what’s bad and try to use the good ways of collection and containment to a great extant, we do just that, catch our pets in the best possible ways from the best possible places with the least possible impact on the most important part, the habitat.

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