Free diving and over all equipment for fish and invert collecting

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Free diving and over all equipment for fish and invert collecting

Post  liquidg on 14th December 2013, 11:11 pm

You are not allowed to collect in Q on scuba.

Mask-For all diving forms and chasing fish and focusing on small inverts you are best to use a soft silicon large single glass mask and also of a high volume to get a wide view,less issues with air as it compresses and clear vision from the glass being as far away from the skin on your face to help avoid fogging.

Snorkel-The snorkel should have a vent at its base and a medium snorkel tube diameter for easy water purging and allowing large fast breaths when needed, the narrower the tube the harder it is to get an easy breath before a decent. Also the larger the tube the harder it is to get the water out.

Anti fogging-A tiny container of dishwashing liquid should be carried on you in case of mask fogging after the initial few droplets of detergent are put into the mask and moved around on the inside of the glass before a short rinse, just in case of future fogging.

Wetsuit-A full length wetsuit (steamer) should be worn at all times, thick or thin depending on water temp, for safety and comfort when in a marine habitat. Try to get a knife scabbard sown on to the leg of your wetsuit for ease of knife use and a couple of pockets on either hip area for a glove, detergent, etc, or look after your knifes scabbards rubber straps with fabric softener so they don't perish and you loose the knife.Wear a hood, suitable to water temp,for head protection when hunting in cracks and cave entrances as you may hit your head or for Marine stingers!

Weight belt-An average of one standard lead weight per one mil of full length wetsuit is ideal for snorkelling or scuba on your weight belt. The weights are essential for chasing aquarium fish and approaching inverts with care. Though with scuba or when you are more competent, add one extra weight when free diving and two to three extra weights for scuba.

Fins and booties-Do not use built in shoe style fins for collecting, use booties and fin combos; the booties are very handy for feet protection when getting in or out on rocks or coral reefs. Try to find the most efficient fins for as much thrust as possible.

Nets-These should be made of monophiliment(fishing line) netting for the best results as the fish find it very hard to see it and can be captured much easier than by coloured mesh nets.
Here in Q the mesh hole stretched can not be smaller then 25milimeters for use in any type of saltwater,in freshwater you can use smaller mesh size.
Making the nets your self is the best way to get the size and style that suits you.

Containing your catch-As you go along it is essential that all caught species are safe from each other and are able to survive this time with no harm and no lack of oxygen.
I have used a fishing scaler bag or replacement catch net for its strength and mobility with individual containers for each life form for the last 30 years and believe it is the best way for recreational collecting.

Nets for collecting here in SEQ
How to make sure your net mesh is the right size, being larger then 25mill stretched here in SEQ.
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