Over population has killed off another dive site!

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Over population has killed off another dive site!

Post  liquidg on 27th December 2013, 1:45 pm

This video is taken with my first under water camera of any kind and this was one of my favourite spots I called leather rock.

Sometimes a coral would break off in large swells due to this spot being only 6 feet deep, but over all, except for large corals that swells could get a hold of and snap off, this rock was always thriving and was always covered with hardy coral species from first finding it in 78.
The types on it were never what I wanted or any of us really, but it was a beautiful sight when a rare day of clear water came along.
The other rocks around it had thousands of beautiful sps,lps and far more that we would collect a few from sometimes and never would the numbers diminish due to the incredible replenishment capacity of this site, back then!

In 2011 it was wiped out by the rains that year and subsequent rains/silt from then on have prevented the spot from recovering and it looks like it may remain a disgusting cesspit compared to its former glory.
To my knowledge and I know that spot very well, there was never been a coral collected off this rock in all those years, now our over population resulting weather changes have taken its simple beauty.
The condemners of recreational collecting helped kill this from having children increasing our numbers, buying cars, flushing toilets, purchasing any manufactured goods and buying farmed/cleared land goods and the rest of us all aided as well in killing this place off, none of it was taken, just killed there!

This is the exact same rock last weekend, its getting worse; the rock was just void of life last year.
And yes I remember near every formation at most sites that I have found.

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Re: Over population has killed off another dive site!

Post  finfan on 27th December 2013, 2:58 pm

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