A rarely used fish for a marine predator aquarium.

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A rarely used fish for a marine predator aquarium.

Post  liquidg on 3rd January 2014, 10:21 am

The lined soap fish or grammistes sexlineatus would have to be one of the best fish you can add to a predator aquarium!
They have a toxin to defend them selves that is harmless unless in a confined space are like a bucket but fine in an aquarium and they hunt just like a lionfish and attain even prettier lines all over as it grows to a massive foot or more in length.

I have kept them before and they work in well with other predator fish and give a good display with the red/pink fins and bright yellow lines on a dark chocolate body.

There are a few more soap fish that live exactly the same way, but they are not as impressive as the lined soap fish.

This fish is extremely common in SEQ waters in as shallow as six feet deep.

This one I collected on new years day for one of my tubs and is around 3 inches long.

This is it wanting to have a go at my camera, it lives with one blue tang a Fiji damsel and a mass of propagating tube worms.

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