Free diving photos from just before and after xmas day.

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Free diving photos from just before and after xmas day.

Post  liquidg on 5th January 2014, 1:32 am

Just a few pics from those trips.

Some clear water around xmas.

Hundreds of juvenile octopus seen at one site.

To many Guntheri seen to count.

A shell of a large sea urchin makes a nice bracelet,lol.

One of the millions of acans seen.
This one has some rocks in it.

A prawn gobie looking out for two hard workers.

New corals starting out after 2011s rains.

A new sps growing on a dead one from 2011

Fan corals coming back from the wipe out of 2011.

Sea grass where there has not been sea grass, not since 1977 any way, thatís bad!!!!

Goat fish cleaning up on some cyano.

Some one has been busy.

Love the goggle eyes on this species of moray.

A very small snowflake eel sticking out like a saw thumb.
Quite a few new ones this season.

A large semi becoming an adult

At one spot when the swells lifted a little, so did the algae

A blue spot ray was hanging around us.

Tube worms of many seen.

Lots of skats at the moment.

An very unusual sea star, not feather or brittle?

Nudibranch pics from 4 sites.

A nice sized zebra lion.

A chunky antennatta lion.

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