January dive trips (one).

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January dive trips (one).

Post  liquidg on 26th January 2014, 11:59 pm

A top sunrise on an early take off for one of the trips.

This trip had nice calm conditions.

This day heading out was a little choppy.

One example of what have left behind being used by marine life.

Masses of coral fish dropping the vis.

One of tons of large latezonatus amphiprions around.

To many juvenile akindynos to count.

A couple of the many nudibranch seen.

Quite an attractive scorpion fish wanting what was disturbed.

Colourful oyster.

A large hermit

A common swimmer/sand anemone.

A pineapple fish with a dog shark in its cave as well.

A small wobbegong.

A weird little three segmented shrimp.

Some colourful algae.

Urchins enjoying each others company?

Urchins gathered in the hundreds.

A couple of the millions of tube worms seen

A chunky shovel nose ray.


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