Lemon peel hunch-back as a pet?

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Lemon peel hunch-back as a pet? Empty Lemon peel hunch-back as a pet?

Post  liquidg on 30th January 2014, 12:46 pm

Around three months back a situation developed for my lemon peel angel fish I collected that I have had for over two years.

Originally I thought it had a flesh devouring bacteria issue, and then I fixed anything contributing to that possibility.
Then I realised it was the blue tang eating the poor little beggar.

The blue tang was taken out and the damage wouldn’t heal, so I thought it was the conspict, so it got rid of it!
I took the lemon peel out again and housed the angel fish so it would heal really well.

I had it healing spot on so I put it back in, within three days it was bleeding again from fresh damage?

It was the coral beauty that wasn’t taking any flesh off, but was harassing it so the damage was reopening.
It now had a tub of its own and the damage has completely healed, but the body mass it lost will never come back, so now I have a lemon peel-hunch back?
When it first started.
Lemon peel hunch-back as a pet? Lemon-peel-_zpsc050ed0d

When it first started healing.
Lemon peel hunch-back as a pet? Lemon-peel-1-_zpsbfad8b2b

When I housed it to heal.
Lemon peel hunch-back as a pet? Lemon-peel-2-_zps5f08f9ef
Happy and full bodied in its own tub, with near no tail and a big part of it missing.
I sacrificed my tube worms and took all others out of that tub to get it back to good health, though it shares with a copper band I kept for pics that I removed its gill parasite for a forum thread.
They are both full bodied and doing great!
Lemon peel hunch-back as a pet? Lemon-peel-3-_zps28052d96

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