Cat/bamboo shark, raising one your self.

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Cat/bamboo shark, raising one your self.

Post  liquidg on 7th February 2014, 11:56 pm

From either buying your first cat/bamboo shark still in its egg casing, or collecting an egg your self, this is a step by step way to get a simple 100% success with the raising of the cat shark to feeding really well.
These fish are very reef safe and only a real threat to life like oysters, muscle and so on. That being said, they may hunt life that hides under the substrate so keep an weak light over your aquarium 24/7!
Once you let it go into the aquarium, it is best to near force feed it to get things going.
This can be done with a fresh glass shrimp of opened crab pushed at its mouth or a small octopus or squids head.
Try to make sure that you do not just give them the flesh of any creature, they need the complex parts as well like eyes, intestines if any, that sort of thing gives them their needed vitamins.
They do well on opened muscles or oysters and some freshly frozen crabs to chew on, large frozen krill, so basically any of those types of inverts.
When juveniles these none man eater whaler sharks are called cat sharks, but as they grow they become what's called, dog sharks.
Do not feed them purchased bait, it has preservatives added and they will either not eat it or it make them sick.

If you find an egg in the way shown in the first pic, then it has been dislodged from its algae that the parent would have attached it to by rough seas or another life form pulling it off the algae.
Egg in the ocean

Shark egg in bowl ready to be cut open.

Start scissors  around the very edge of the egg and open the egg.

Shark once egg is opened with a largish egg sack, move the shark to a container quickly, ready to sit in suitable moving aquarium waters for oxygenation during this time.
Egg sack is quite large at this stage

These are my points of safely and separation containers I made and have been using for a lot of years. Just hang it in the current in your sump or aquarium, it doesn't matter as long as it is in the aquariums water that it will go into and that water is moving through those very small holes that predation through them is not possible.

Shark in that container protected while it grows and feeds off its egg sack. These types of home made containers from soft drink bottles provide the same if not better protection while the shark grows then the original egg casing that has only small vents each end for oxygenated waters to move through for the fish to breath as it grows.

Shark egg sack reduced and nearly ready for tank life.

The cat shark in my tub with a new life.

A slightly older dog shark as an example.

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