Shrimp goby and its shrimp bubby.

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Shrimp goby and its shrimp bubby.

Post  liquidg on 15th February 2014, 1:59 pm

On todays trip collecting with Danny and Simon, I just wanted some more banded coral shrimp for my blue ring ocy, i ended up watching a few shrimp and goby combos living their life for ages.

Watching them in action is very cool, and a few of the couples let me get quite close as well.
At this site there would have been somewhere in the number of 60 of these combinations of the shrimp and goby symbiotic relationships.

They are no good to us, none of us have substrates.
With the oceans temps the way they are these days, now we see this symbiotic relation ship become extremely common.

In the past you would just see a couple every now and then.
Such good workers those shrimps and the goby certainly likes the goodies in what the shrimp digs up.
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Re: Shrimp goby and its shrimp bubby.

Post  Simon51 on 15th February 2014, 4:36 pm

Picture came out awsome mate, looks better then threw my fogged up mask, lol.


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