Free diving in early February.

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Free diving in early February.

Post  liquidg on 18th February 2014, 12:46 pm

This one comprised of Danny, Simon and myself once again.

The guys found a couple of reef life forms for their tanks but these are the other pics from the day.
The guys agree that it was one of the best shoreline free dives that we have had in years.

Danny looking at some feather sea stars, the vis was 20 to 30 feet that day.

Quite a few trevallies around.

One of hundreds of new season cone shell fish seen.

A juvenile heteractis crispa.

Pine apple fish

Far to many octopus seen.

A flat worm.

A painted cray ready for a shed.

Hermit crab

Shy leather jacket

Fish schooling

Under that school.

A regular eel that we see here.

A big eyed moray eel.

Not a good way to get a piecing,lol
This poor beggar is going to have to wait a while to get this hook out.
This was seen on a recent collecting trip, poor guy, I hope it gets it out soon, the ocy numbers are through the roof at the moment and these guys take them out.

A lot of banded shrimp seen.

Two large cardinals fighting.

This dog on the way home at the lights showed its opinion of us,lol.

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