Cutting glass and using hole saws for reef and freshwater aquariums.

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Cutting glass and using hole saws for reef and freshwater aquariums.

Post  liquidg on 19th February 2014, 10:06 am

Any glasscutter will work nicely and not just the oil reserve style ones either.
This type is off ebay from china and is a very good quality oil reserve all metal cutter for under $ 4 to your home, three weeks late but to your home.

Oh and just to be exact, the cutter odes not cut, it scores or you might say scratches the glass and it breaks along that scores/scratch. Then smaller wheels are for thinner glass like this one to a max of 8 mill, the wider wheels do the thicker glasses!

Very important clean the glass with a dry rag, then wet rag the with mentholated spirits then wipe with a clean rag again. If you do not clean the glass thoroughly, the tiny fragments you can not see will put pits in the cutters wheel and it will not cut correctly from then on and progressively get worse and worse.
Place your straight edge on the glass that should have flattened blue tack under this at each end to make it less likely to slide.

Then dunk your glass cutter wheel in a thin oil, "if you do not have an oil reserve type" like two stroke oil or WD40 that you put in the bottles screw cap lid and apply one glide along to put down as an oil line with no scoring and the next glide apply pressure and you will get a top scoring result. You will be wasting your time with out oil used!!!!!!!

Never ever go back over a score all ready down, whether it is a good or bad score, it will stuff up the wheel and you will get bad scores from then on!

Small wheel cutters are for thinner glass and the thicker wheels are for the scoring of thicker glass!

Some pics of glass cutting.

Make one run with near no pressure on the cutter, that puts a fine line of oil,that’s very important, than a scoring line on the glass and never go back over the line, it will make the wheel pitted in the cutter and never work right again.

This way of snapping the line along the glass leaves a smother line rather than taping to start the break line.
Once you finish each piece of glass cutting, use some smooth to medium sand paper to take off the glasses sharp edge all around it for safety.

Hole saw work
Set up with marks, have spray bottle of water and dish washing liquid standing by and hole areas over pine-soft wood!
If tank is still set up, half empty tank and use saltwater in spray bottle, glass fragments are of no importance at all, brace that tank wall from other wall with soft wood and material in between at the opposing end and off you go.
This way you can make a dam if you like with silicon to hold fluids or with some masking tape to make a wall, sort of, to keep hole saw cool and lubed, very important!!!!!!!!!

Brand new hole saws from China off ebay for $12aus for all 20 of them. If yo keep these cheap ones cool as you drill they are fine.

Hole saws and glass to drill.

Marked out and ready to go.

Half moon as a guide, then tilt to cut actual hole.

Softly wriggle drill in circular motion, “very slightly” as you let the drills weight take it through while adding sprayed fluids, “very important”.

Holes done.

Clean up holes

Not bad for a quickie, lol

Smooth off edges with fine sandpaper over some dowel or conduit, something round and smaller then the hole.

Cool left overs, lol

No wear and tear on hole saw, still like new.

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