Home made filter socks using wadding and more.

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Home made filter socks using wadding and more.

Post  liquidg on 19th February 2014, 10:30 am

I use wadding/Dacron from spot light.

Filter sock build

Making the ring for sock.
A section of stormwater pipe cut to size and then welding back together with a soldering iron. Then use a soldering iron to make holes along this so that you can stitch the wadding on with fishing line.

Dacron cut to size of desired sock width and length.

Apply a line of silicon to the shape of your sock.

Silicon in place finished and fold!

Compress silicon with a block of wood or what ever to make sure it finds its way right into wadding.

Silicon cured after a couple of hours and ready shape.

Cut ends of socks to shape.

Sock ready to make the ring for the top.

Putting the sock to the ring once holes have been made in ring and use fishing line to stich it on.

Turn the bag inside out and this is what it will look like.

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