Tunicates-salps, ascidian/sea squirts with mouth/vent examples.

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Tunicates-salps, ascidian/sea squirts with mouth/vent examples.

Post  liquidg on 23rd February 2014, 1:43 pm

Tunicates covers all of these.

Ascidians or sea squirts..
These sea squirts are actually closely related to vertebrates including us humans more than any other invertebrate phylum.
This is more apparent during their larval stage with the formation of a nervous system and during these few days before they attach somewhere, the larva do not feed.
As an adult they are become either sessile or colonial and loose this nervous system to become a stationary filter feeders or pelagic.
Ascidians are also classed as a fouling species, meaning they can be transported all over the world through ships ballasts and begin communities elsewhere.
These  filter feeders are in excess of 3000 variations of all sizes and shapes and in ocean depths are usually attached to the oceans floor and are loosely related to vertebrates like sponges and corals and they are hermaphrodites.
This filter feeder that dines on anything including nutrients, feeds by pulling surrounding waters in through the longer of its vacuoles/tubes and expels waste and that water through the lower of these.
Over all relatively harmless and none invasive in the reef aquarium.

Cunjevoi mouth examples

Cunji body out if water.

Sea squirt mouth examples

Sea squirts

Ascidian examples.

Sheet,mate variations

Diplosoma virens colonising.

Eudistoma elongatum-rope ascidian

Another type of tunicate are the salps


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