Free dive early March

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Free dive early March

Post  liquidg on 8th March 2014, 2:46 pm

Nothing out of the ordinary with this trip, more or less.

One of the guys on scuba for the second time in 20 plus years taking some †pics, on his own this time while being watched from a safe distance.
He had a ball!

A pretty deco urchin.

Temperate orange tube worm, its unusual to see them still alive this time of year, they die at 26c.

As usual a stone fish at a shallow site on a field trip.

An evil looking scorpion fish.

A puffer getting some work done.

Juvenile crispa.

A decorated puffer/toby.

A green feather sea star, not common in these waters.

A few juvenile monocle bream.

I havenít seen this species of sponge here before.

A semi rare pygmy leather jacket.

Cuttle, couple pics.

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