Chiller fan motor bearings, repacking time with grease or vas!

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Chiller fan motor bearings, repacking time with grease or vas!

Post  liquidg on 9th March 2014, 7:14 am

Now or soon we will not need our chillers, so its time for serious maintenance ready for next years cooking prevention time!
Time to get those bearings for the fan motor, cleaned out and repack with Vaseline or some GP grease.
Hey I bought a boat and trailer, both built in 87 and I put a grease nipple on the bearing caps, I drilled and put in and those bearing lasted the 19 years I had that boat, it pays to keep the lube up with bearings!
I did my chillers fan shaft bearings today, after the cloths washing of course, but I put in some actual bearings rather then the cheap rubbish bush bearings my cheap chiller came with, but still bush or roller bearings, they need repacking each year or one day that fan will stop and by, by healthy chiller.
So if you donít, you will have to buy another chiller at the worst time possible usually, or get some expensive labour done on it.
I would prefer not to be lazy and get it a part and get into it.
These are mine freshly packed with woollies vas,lol.

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