My favourite cave and grey nurse dive.

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My favourite cave and grey nurse dive.

Post  liquidg on 22nd March 2014, 10:50 am

This is an area thatís not part of the grey nurse zones and I will not say where as it may end up another silly green zone or worse!
This formation, which is the shallowest part of the biggest reef area in SEQ, starts at 14 meters and plateaus out at 43 meters, it is much deeper out a little further, but those are the depths at this part of the reef where I go. They are not featured in this video but I have others with them in the videos, this area literally crawls with crayfish, its hard to swim with out getting hooked of feelers,lol.
The video starts at the anchor and over into my fav semi cave dive site and onto a couple of chunky grey nurse that were the scouts for 12 all up with minutes that I assume felt safe with me there, though the largest male took to me with his tail.
There is a coral beauty, harlequin tusk, Moorish idol,forcipiger and more.
This video was from just over two years back.

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