Free dive to chase the clear water.

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Free dive to chase the clear water.

Post  liquidg on 1st June 2014, 12:33 am

Myself and a Danny felt the need to make use of the beautiful clear waters of late and as usual we try to have a free dive each weekend, keeps the cardio fitness up there.

Really good over all ocean conditions.

Vis was around 12 to 18 metres and water temp was 24c ish.

Several turtles seen.

Fragilis algae photos from the day.

Many crispa anemones seen.

Clowns in a crispa,

Dinner sized large cray of some seen.

A couple of eel photos.

A cute carpet anemone.

Tobies fighting over who knows what.

Some lionfish photos of the many seen.
This silly zebra lion hiding next to algae.

Semicirculatus photos of 7 seen

Shrimp photos

Literally hundreds of leandrites seen.

Several tube anemones seen.

One of the many young tubastraea clusters seen that day.

Pink sponge

Sunburst chaetodon, Danny was wanting one of them.

As usual a lot of small crays seen.

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