Free diving from a surf ski.

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Free diving from a surf ski.

Post  liquidg on 7th June 2014, 11:01 am

A healthy half of a kilometre or so paddle out to this reef with 15ish metres vis, nice and calm and just 3 mill of wetsuit needed for this one.

Sun rise leading to a beautiful day.

My old vintage Shane surf ski with free dive gear in the bag I tie on the rear of the ski. I wear the weight belt!Just visible in the seat section is some red nylon cord and at the end of that is a large weight belt weight as my anchor. Behind the bag is wear I tie in the dive flag.

The beach I left from.

Really nice conditions.

Lion fish

painted cray

Fish schooling and at times it was hard to see where I needed to go.

A small clown of hundreds!

Endemic white temperate tube worm.

Blue damsels

Anemones every where!

My fav marine life, algae!

A cave I know very well.

Clown trigger of two seen.

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