Weekend diving and more.

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Weekend diving and more.

Post  liquidg on 8th June 2014, 12:57 am

Myself and a few friends headed off for a full weekend at the ocean.
The vis was 15metres down to 8 by the third day, the water temp was 24c and the weather was a shower or two then fine most of the time.

Moonlight, a very early start

Sunrise and sunset pics over the weekend

Plovers on one of the beaches we went to.

Rainbow on a low tide walk.

When it wasn trying to rainwe had beautiful conditions

Fin in water, now imagine jaws music,lol.

A mate hunting at low tide

Crabs showing their love for each other,lol.

Beach sand patern

A local hermit crab of billions.

Heart urchin pics at one of the low tide walks.

Small doreensis of many seen out of water

Small one in water

One up close

same one

Doreensis close up

swimmer anemone pics

tube anemone

Anemone hermits anemone.

upside down jelly of heaps seen


oyster up close

red scallop up close

orange sponge up close

ascidians up close


Algae photos


Caulerpa peltatta

tubastraea pics

bleaching sps of many seen

Dannie's scuba training part of the weekend

Large sea cucumber

cucumber butt


cone shell

Purple sps

green sps

red sps

green clam

female shrimp pics in anemones

male shrimp in anemone

small carpet out of water

tube worm pics

lion fish pics






false stonefish

clown fish pics

bi colour angel


one with gill bugs

pyroferus tabg

shell patern


dice box

golden trevally

wobbues mating

large wobby



sunburst chaetodon and olivaceus tang

harlequin pipe fish pics

Green feather sea star

angry eel

ray pics
in flight


banded shrimp

blue bottle

brittle sea stars

deco sea urchins

up close

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