Sump filtration layout issues

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Sump filtration layout issues Empty Sump filtration layout issues

Post  slavetonet on 16th July 2014, 6:58 am

study†Hello reef keepers,
I am at a cross road to how to layout my sump for a 4ft reef tank I want to setup.
The sump is only 2ft and it is an aquarium AquaOne Aqua Reef 400.
The downpipe into the first chamber of the sump, I am putting a 4" sock holder with 200micron sock to catch all the crap from the 4ft tank.
The second chamber will have an AquaOne G220 protein skimmer hang on the side.
The third chamber will be Marine pure spheres to be filled up - not sure if there are better ball media?
On top of the ball media - add algae type and led lights over it??? Not sure if I need that if I am going with NP biopellets reactor.
The last chamber will be the return DC6000 pump and the Biopellets reactor next to it. I am going to plum the water out from the Biopellets reactor back into the second chamber to the Protein skimmer.

If I have NP All-in-one Biopellets media / reactor - will I still need to grow algae for nutrient export?
Wouldn't the algae die due to lack of phosphate and nitrate or will it make the Biopellets less efficient as it competes with algae for the same thing?

Another dilemma - To have 18 watts UV Sterilizer or not? On my past marine fish-only tank. UV sterilzer really help control algae bloom in the tank and control white-spot breakout.
In a reef tank, I read on this forum, it is a bad idea. Now I am confuse to get or not to get it.

I would love to hear other's experience with any of these - and make better suggestion. I am open to better ideas.


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Sump filtration layout issues Empty Re: Sump filtration layout issues

Post  liquidg on 16th July 2014, 10:21 am

Hi slavetonet.
A sock is a sound thing to use in the way you intend on doing it.
A skimmer is a must with a small sump, so you are on the money there.
The marine pure brand is the way to go!
Algae has its benefits and I heavily believe in the correct use of it, but rarely is there room enough or the right species used, so if you want do to with out and go with a reactor and a bio product, then itís the way to go but I like nitra guard, both standard and titanium work a treat and I like to throw in a section of carbon as that will help with toxins as well other water solubles.
I have used the commercial grade and the smaller sterilisers so it's a case of horses for courses mate, because I would not use them again.
UV sterilises are one of those things that if you use them they are of a help for sure, but of you mature and use bio functions correctly they are not needed. So if you have them, use them!
Okay the reason I say that they are bad idea is that they do eliminate planktonic bacteria and valuable plankton in general as well, so thatís why!
Those being said, if you provide planktonic sized foods adequately, then use the sterilisers!
Have you looked around the net on peoples responses on sterilisers, mine are based on not just experience with them but also the bio systems I make that help by providing massive protists communities that consume the parasites called ich and velvet.
The algae issues, I either reduce their food source or apply the life forms that eat them to help with any unwanted algae.
Have you tried reef central to get a few opinions as well, itís the biggest forum in the world and they are friendly folk as well.
Try the guys in this section of reef central-

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