Straddie dive trip as the water cools, a lot ,lol.

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Straddie dive trip as the water cools, a lot ,lol.

Post  liquidg on 27th July 2014, 1:19 am

This is a sunrise near my place before I met the guys on the highway.

Heading out, all of the ocean was a sheet of glass.

It was quite cloudy which made it hard to get good clear pics.

Ribbon worm

The worms head

Leaf fishes body


Racemosa, very nice form this one.

Some purple morphs becoming common every where these days.


volitans of many seen!




Tube worm cluster

An interesting sponge.

A bubble anem up close

A common sea star

An urn shaped sea squirt

Bi colour angel

Two bubbles.

Porcelain crab

One of millions of acans.

Black soap fish

Rose bubble tip

Tube worm

A cute little goni

Thousands of clowns to choose on e face to photograph.

Heading home, still dead calm.

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