Does anyone use Miracle mud?

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Does anyone use Miracle mud?

Post  Ashlum on 2nd August 2014, 4:17 pm

Does anyone use miracle mud in their aquarium?

It supposedly does this:

Miracle Mud will continually replenish your aquarium's concentration of trace elements and minerals to create an ideal environment.

I have an aqua nano 59 litres and I'm thinking of putting this in my refugium then adding about an inch of live sand. I have googled a number of reviews and it seems positive. My question is that if it is releasing trace elements and mineral into the aquarium, could it release too much for the tank to handle?

Also if I had a protein skimmer, would this not then be taking all the trace elements and minerals (that I've paid money for) out of the water?

Anyone use mud in a small cube?


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