Hey from Macgregor South bris.

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Hey from Macgregor South bris. Empty Hey from Macgregor South bris.

Post  adamsreef on 11th September 2014, 7:07 am

Hi all, I am a one year newbie moved up to bris vegas just two months gone and been lurking on this forum while living in Sydney. I did some scuba as a younger man so i really enjoy the dive photos with so much help from trolling through the threads and want to say thank you. My first reef tank of 1 year had to sell before moving up to Queensland so I am ready to do it again along with my cichlids. The aquarium passion began and continued for more then 20 years was with cichlids and into marines over the last year. Found the clubs and societies thread here and will be getting in touch with the cichlid group and masq. Cheers guys.   Very Happy


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Hey from Macgregor South bris. Empty Re: Hey from Macgregor South bris.

Post  liquidg on 13th September 2014, 12:36 pm

Good to have you on her mate and happy t help out.
Feel free to stop in any time,

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