Low tides for September.

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Low tides for September.

Post  liquidg on 12th September 2014, 12:35 pm

These few photos are from three days in September of low tide walks.

Albino nudi.

That nudi taking a dump, lol.

Algae taking over.

Algae covering everything.

Alage covering brain coral.

Basket algae looking good in the sunlight.

Bubble algae/cyano.

Pep hiding in algae

Sponge pics.

Blue ring in sponge, you can just see an arm.

Cucumber feeding fan examples.

Large carpet anem.

The same carpet flooding with muddy waters.

Coral suffering.

Flattened sponge.

Stingray in shallows.

Ball sponge.

Pep rock to turn over and find peps.

Turned over.

Peps still on that rocks underside.

Tiny nudi

Blue nudi

Halimeda coraline algae.

Mermaids tail coralline algae

Meramaids tails in a row

Moray out for a slide.

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