Open ocean dives in early September.

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Open ocean dives in early September.

Post  liquidg on 12th September 2014, 12:37 pm

Another beautiful day on the water in the southeast, certainly not perfect though!
Dave Chris and myself headed out and the vis was from 5 to 15 metres with over 19degrees water temp, (thatís been the case more some years now), for this time of year it should be around 16c, any way there was a strong current every where, so I was the only one that got in this day.


Heading out

A medium sized volitan.

Paper fish.

Very tiny zero no light coral.

Bat fish spawning.

Large bat fish.

Banner fish school.

Banner fish school with grey nurse approaching

Grey nurse.


A few xmas tree worms

Tubastraea living in the substrate

A single polyp.

Starki damsel.


Two redlines of many seen.

The bar on way home.

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