Sunshine coast free diving.

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Sunshine coast free diving.

Post  liquidg on 13th September 2014, 11:48 am

Sunshine coast free diving in September 2014.
Beautiful conditions this day, a little swell but over all, very nice for swim around and look at the marine life in abundance here.
The most prolific marine species here are acans, colourful algae species, crayfish, sponges, soft and some hard corals.
The high nutrient content, along with the rare clear waters makes this area a paradise for these marine life species.
The depths here are from 15 to 35 feet.
This shows the coloration sand to rock formations able to bee seen in the water due to the water clarity of this day.

Getting in, a little swell to swim through.

This area has many caves.

The incredibly abundant acans here.

Many varied sponges seen.

One the local sting ray.

A plate coral of many seen.

Just a few examples of the extreme content of algae in this area.

A couple of little shore anemones.

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