Halymenia recovery from collection to good health.

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Halymenia recovery from collection to good health.

Post  liquidg on 18th September 2014, 3:49 pm

This is about the local broad leaf Halymenia.

Sometimes these popular marine aquarium red algae are washed up somewhere suffering and near dead.
If you can get it into cool water of around 20c to no more then 24c, control the PH as these algae when under stress literally takes the alkalinity out of the water droping PH to other aquarium life’s detriment.
From this it is essential that you keep the PH and KH up at roughly the usual level and start adding iron and iodine in small doses immediately.
It will also need subdued lighting, relatively high phos levels and these it will assist recovery and attain ts once glowing red beautifully.
At the low tide

Ready for tank life.


Fully recovered

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