Open ocean trip.

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Open ocean trip.

Post  liquidg on 21st September 2014, 6:24 am

Another beautiful day and sadly not the clearest waters.


Heading out

Vis on the day.

Life in a tubastraea cave.

Two young akindynos in their bubble anemone.

A shy turtle.

Its mate not so shy.

New common tubastraea polyps.

Tube worm in coral next to black tubastraea.

Volcano sponge in appearance.

Mantis in hole

To many mushrooms to count.

A medium lat, of a lot seen.

An adult lat comes up to say hi.

A very pale lion fish.

A large tusk fish.

One of many banana wrasse.

Cans left behind by pigs.

Sheet ascidians.


More pics

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