Scuba tank valve O-ring replacing and tank inspections.

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Scuba tank valve O-ring replacing and tank inspections.

Post  liquidg on 18th October 2014, 3:21 am

This is something any one can possibly do and should if you have your own compressor and carry out your own fills you really need to this, but if you are not competent, then get a servicing centre or dive shop to do it for you.

Every two years i  do this to mine and this should be done, to make sure no leaks occur and your tanks alloy or steel is in top condition. Oh and to keep metal in top condition never let the air content drop to below 70 bar if your tank is let sit with out use for longer then 1 week, or  this will allow moisture to appear and allow corrosion/rust to form inside and degrade the tanks safety and give you grief.

For your own filling at home there are no requirements for the yearly testing that is required these days if you use your tanks privately and not on any charters, it use to be each two years and way back each five years.

The pressure testing part  is what ruins your tank and shortens its life quite a lot and try to never take your tank above 220bar !

Check inside tanks regularly.

O-ring stuffed, as just on example.

Set up to do all O-rings for our tanks once a good clean is done of all gear and use vinegar for corrosion or rust removal..Your local bearing shop has all O-ring sizes, take examples in to get copied. Also they will have silicon grease of which is what you use on these O-rings  and on all regs metal parts and O-rings.

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