Maxpect gyre generator, the high tech spray bar that blows wave makes out of the water!

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Maxpect gyre generator, the high tech spray bar that blows wave makes out of the water!

Post  liquidg on 31st October 2014, 11:53 pm

This little pressurised paddle like a large impellor affect, has been in the planning and testing stages for a while now and a little while back, this year ,the maxspect gyre was released for sale to the reefing community.
How long these will last as for break downs, who knows, that will take time, but for now people are raving about them and there are plans for more powerful and less powerful versions to come out soon.

The principal on how these things work on is similar to an old one, that I like, and the best for reef aquariums, being a spray bar action!

This product will bring out the best of what any spray bar can achieve and better with extreme surface tension break up by being constant or pulsing currents in the reef aquarium thus transferring the surface waters higher oxygen levels and foods like planktonic bacteria and the ones you put in, over all your tank life via a very broad current, this means good health for all tank life “for sure”, oh and the aquariums rubbish/detritus will be kept in beneficial suspension as well.
This may mean the death of wave makers in comparison!

A first glances, i would say this will need to be dunked in vinegar each 3 to 6 months to keep out precipitation and corallines, plus the gap between the semi circle wall of the cylinder cage the paddle spins in, plus the paddles may wear and loose pressure over time, similar to a water jet pump.

At this stage they are around $400 for the 50 watt and from current advice, that may do to up a ten foot tank, interesting hey.
There is talk of a 35watt and a 75 watt and all fully controllable, time will tell, but the 35 watt, that's for me!

Gyre means a ring or circle and in oceanography terms its a ringlike or circular system of oceanic flow rotating clockwise for the Northern Hemisphere and counter clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere, yes just like the toilet, lol.

Lesley from face book kindly set up  a video of her gyre in action.

There will be many places that you can purchase the maxspect from, but to give you an indication, try this mob for now.

Early version.

Current version.

Here is a sort of break down of the gyre.

Facebook comments.
From Greg Appleby- I saw one today working at Reef Room. Unbelievable. It was a 50 watt. $400. It seriously would do a 10 foot tank completely. I hear there is a 35watt model and 70 watt model coming. Totally controllable. Just wow.

From Gupi Gup-Worth investing I think the amount of total water movement for such low wattage is amazing .

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