Sunshinecoast, two dive trips.

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Sunshinecoast, two dive trips.

Post  liquidg on 2nd November 2014, 2:27 am

Two beautiful days of diving, with my other half up the coast with clear and warm water.

Scrub turkeys everywhere at one site.

Top little chop waves

Nice vis

Shopping trolley.

The things you see in the water in shopping trollies, lol.!

This little guy came out of the trolley and had a go at me, lol.

Other things in the water.

Mullet at surface

Nice vis

Orange sponge

Weird sponge

Hairy shell fish


inside a cave with fish

Many decorator crabs round.

A few nudribranch pics

One aoelid nudribranch near zebra lion fish pectoral fin.

Dice box fish

Coral pics

A few fish pics



An unusual plant

Halymenia pics

Empty shell, some one didn't make it.


Tube worm pics

Cal tube worm cluster

Close up

End of the second days diving sun rays through the water.

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