Very good conditions for northern visibility and dispersal of reef life!

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Very good conditions for northern visibility and dispersal of reef life!

Post  liquidg on 2nd November 2014, 5:38 am

For the last few weeks in SEQ we have had winds from the north-N west-N east that doesn’t just stimulate the east ausy current to fire up and broaden as it heads south, but this also brings it in closer to the coast line!

Okay as many do not know, the north direction winds clears the sunshine coast waters by pushing the dirty waters back into Moreton bay and squeezes this mess out through the bar between Moreton and Stradbroke islands and some around the end of Moreton island.

The heavier sediment falls to the oceans floor making a concentration of bio sinks and the more organic lighter types get processed by the masses of phytoplankton, this is what gives the outer ocean its clarity!
This is until not much dirty water is left for there and its only the south passage bar from then on carrying out the mud flats and general sediment that are stirred up from then on. Of course when we have a rain event, it all turns to crap again and it has to start all over in this cleaning process!

That all happens if the northeast winds bend in the east ausy current to the semi basin like body of water that is between Frazer Island and Moreton island that is sort of out of the east ausy currents easy reach!
Now we have sudden strong burst of south easterly winds amongst all this each week for three weeks that will over some days, normally clear the gold coast waters, this takes the surface water from the outer ocean and forces this, via the energy with in that choppy water and waves making a circulatory current affect, in towards the shore, not to unlike off shore winds which take surface water out, but they are more common in winter.
So at the moment, we have surface water in and deeper water out!

From Late august to Early December most marine life is laying eggs or dispensing  sperm or larvae as transparent planktonic life for now in the oceans currents and these move south in the east ausy current.

From corals to marlin, off they go developing in size and mostly feeding on zoo and phytoplankton during this stage of their lives.
Most are concentrated near the surface, so from these south easterly strong winds before they affect the east ausy current, you now get a mass of marine life to small to see easily, pushed against the shore line into estuaries and close in reefs to sense the sounds of reefs, “normally clicking sounds” these signal them to leave the plankton and find a home to grow and the coming months, be big enough to be seen.

That same water with in the east auzy current, that came from the out parts of the barrier reef, is not just at our door step and full of planktonic life, it is also of a high clarity and quite warm!

Warm, clear and full of life, that’s a win-win, if we do not get any massive rain events!

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