Free dive trip in late October out wide

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Free dive trip in late October out wide

Post  liquidg on 9th November 2014, 3:33 am

A nice early start from no sun, to a brilliant sun rise, I like sun rise and sun set pics, lol.

The vis was 10 to 20 meters, very good with a serious 4 to 5 knot current, quiet dangerous! One good thing, the water was nice and warm.

A couple of nice algae.

The goni here was loving the conditions.

Two of many akindynos clown fish seen.

Always a ton of clams to be seen.

Close up of one clam.

Australomussa coral.

The australs flesh close up.

A single acan polyp

On eof many acans seen.

Blue linkia sea star.

A few interesting corallines.

A large coral cup.

Dominoes, nice day hey guys.

Shit what was that, lol.

There was maybe one blue tang per coral head this day, more to come and be seen by March.

A whip tail mimicking the anchor.

Some tube worms on the day.


Spanish dancer-large.

Banded shrimp cleaning my glove.

More green Rhodactis starting up.

One of many mini maxis seen.

Some coral

Close up

close up

A couple of nudis seen.

Egg cowries getting it on, lol.

Ornate puffer couple

I donít like to be watched! lol

Zebra lion on a lumpy bed.

Small latezonatus.

Lat pair

Hells fire anems.

Close up

Hawk fish not happy being looked at.

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Re: Free dive trip in late October out wide

Post  sjastor on 22nd November 2014, 11:03 pm

Guys all I can say is Very HappyAwsome Keep them coming cheers


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