Sunshine coast shore line free dive.

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Sunshine coast shore line free dive.

Post  liquidg on 15th November 2014, 11:55 pm

This day we had warm waters and visibility at only 2 to 4 metres, which didnít matter much, as the depth was at its deepest around 20 feet.
At this spot, since I first got in here in 1979, it has always been a spot of intense copper bands and tube worm numbers, let alone the sail fin tangs, the semicirculatus and a lot more.

One of the many copper bands.

The more common tube worm colours.

A stone fish of the hundreds here.

They love a chin tickle.

Stone fish face, yuukkk!

White top version that hides in sand normally.

Tons of trevally circling us.

Nudis and flat worms, hey itís the sunshine coast, nudi central!

flat worm

Quite a few dice box

Calcium tubed colonising tube worms open.


Coral cat fish faces

The school/swarm

Plenty of nice algae.

Deco crabs
This one is sad and sitting its head on my glove.

Hi dude, lets shake.

Eel face

Eel out †and ready to take out some fingers

Red thing???

And it is off???

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Re: Sunshine coast shore line free dive.

Post  tim1972 on 27th November 2014, 11:04 am

Gross looking stone fish guys, top photos as usual cheers


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