Wayne Goss and our large water bills in SEQ these days.

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Wayne Goss and our large water bills in SEQ these days.

Post  liquidg on 17th November 2014, 10:50 am

Wayne Goss passed away and now I hear there will be a memorial for him.
The good things he did are cool, but lets not forget the massive water prices we have now because of him!
The only good spot to build a dam, that would pick up some coastal showers and Brisbane valley storms was ready to be built, the land was purchased the equip was in place and the Wolffdene dam was about to be built!

Then Goss made a deal with the Greens “they did not want this SEQ saving dam built, morons” this was so he could stay in power, it worked, the dam was scrapped and land is now far to pricey to ever try that again.
He got kicked out not long after this, and we are potentially screwed if there is another serious drought, especially with the incredible numbers building in our state now!!
Any way not long after he was kicked out, we began to endure one of the worst droughts in history and the dam that would help save us, was not there and in the panic the desalinising money pit was built that the gov put it in private hands to build it and look after it and they got concessions like running our water after dams to us from then on.
There was the cost of the pipes from dam to dam, which we own and paid for, but that issue and the action with private enterprise was both due to the dam being canned, these two made it so we are “water wise” screwed these days compared to what could have been.

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