Open ocean dives at spot X sites, three all up.

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Open ocean dives at spot X sites, three all up.

Post  liquidg on 18th December 2014, 3:40 am

This very early start of the day was wonderful and by the time we got to the water the ocean was near on a sheet of glass.
The moon was up but not the sun yet.

Heading out.

This is the clear water looking over the side of the boat as we went along once in Open Ocean.

Smooth water to park in.

Over all vis was a dirty 10 to 25 metres.

A large ray to greet us.

A 9 or 10 foot wobby looking like it would take a whole person in with one sip.

A large shovel nose ray.

One of many red lines.

Zebra lions face off.

A large lunula.

A very friendly slate sweetlip.

Spiral coral polyps.

Lots of hinge backs.

Green tubastraea.

One of millions of tube worms.

A bleaching thistle coral.

Bleaching hard coral

Latezonatus photos

Four legged biscuit sea star.

An intact biscuit.

Dominoes swim team.

Swan head style sponge.

Mini maxi and capensis

Capensis in tubastraea appearing like a flower.

Some LPS corals.

Algae pics

My fav colony anems

Colony tube worms

A friendly idol

Some blue sea quirts.

The end of the day and heading back.

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