Dive trip in sheltered water sites.

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Dive trip in sheltered water sites.

Post  liquidg on 26th December 2014, 11:33 am

An amazing day and it would be hard to get better conditions.


Smooth water that day

Clouds on arrival

Lovely clear water

Anemone shrimps

Bi colour angel

Deformed crispa tendril

Tube worms

Healthy copperband

Copper band with a gill fluke.

Clown fish pics

Stone fish pics

Friendly eel, eerrrr those teeth!

Fish schooling

Full light tubastraea species

Blue sponge

Small banded shrimp

Rays that think they are hiding


Mimic fang blenny that mimics the harptail

A harptail

Pumos with goose barnacles

Pineapple fish, a lot seen

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